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"We  just spent an hour going through the photos.... I am speechless. You've managed to not only capture the joy of our day, but to make us look comfortable and like our normal selves. I cannot thank you enough for your work. It's all stunning. I'm so excited to share these with our friends and family. Again, thank you thank you thank you!!!! With so much love and gratitude " - W& A 2022

I love the way you capture these beautiful moments between couples, friends and family. I am really drawn to your overall aesthetic of photography and how candid but yet elegant and beautiful it is.


"Laura Ryan and her fabulous team were by far the most outstanding people to work with on our wedding day. I had obsessively looked at Laura’s work while researching who I could possibly trust with what I consider to be the most important investment in our wedding day. As an art and photography teacher, I know how picky I can be! We were able to meet Laura before the wedding where she told us a little bit about herself and her work. We got to see some finished wedding albums and monopolized her time talking about everything from Depeche Mode to etsy. She is an incredible artist and it is obvious when viewing her outstanding photographs she’s simply the best.

We decided to go with Laura the instant we booked the Old Field Club. She was in contact with me throughout the planning and even wrote out a wedding day time line for me while we discussed where we would be shooting throughout the day…which I can say is priceless because she made me feel comfortable knowing she cared about our wedding and capturing our unforgettable moments.

Now for the day of the wedding! She was so full of energy and passion it made us so happy she was there. She takes control and can direct you during certain points of the day where you want the posed shots, but she also is not intrusive in any way. For the candid shots it feels like she is part of the family…you know she’s there and getting the shots you want, but she just blends in. She is a true professional and I feel so lucky to have been able to have her and her team."

- Sarah, NYC


"This past August, Laura shot our wedding in Central Park as well as our reception the next day. She was a fabulous photographer in every way. Very professional and attentive and easy to work with. Even better were the photos we got just a month later. We loved all of the special moments Laura captured, the smiles and laughter and people engaging with each other. The images were natural and spontaneous. Even for our posed portraits she managed to capture the "in between" moments, when people were looking their happiest and loveliest. We can't say enough wonderful things about the photos and are so happy we chose Laura because now we have amazing keepsakes of our wedding weekend for years to come. Thank you Laura!!!" - Alina - NYC


"We contacted Laura only one month away from our wedding in need of finding a photographer quick, since ours basically bailed on us. Laura was immediately professional, friendly, and responsive. On the day of, she jumped right into action, no frills, bells or whistles, which we loved since we were sort of running late, and all day she had a very professional demeanor. She was exactly how you would want your photographer to be: a fly on the wall capturing all the best moments; I barely even remember seeing her! We got 4 photos as previews a few weeks after the wedding, and about a month and a half after, we got the full set. There are something like >1500 photos and they are ALL INCREDIBLE. They have such a raw, genuine feel and we are blown away by the quality. The biggest complaint we have is that there are so many good photos and it has proven REALLY difficult to go through them all and choose a selection for an album, posting to Facebook, sharing with friends and family, etc. But this is obviously a good problem to have. We would hire Laura again in an instant and recommend her to anyone! "- Tria - Long Island 


"Laura is someone who can really adapt to any day or situation and find wonderful alternatives when things don't go quite as planned. What also makes her a great photographer to work with is that she is just a very nice person who wants to make the bride's life as easy as possible throughout the crazy planning process. She's extremely talented and I'm so very glad to have hundreds of images that I just love to look back on and smile. " - Alina NYC



” Thank you Laura  for being incredible photo-ninjas and for taking such good care of us throughout the wedding. Not only did we know we were in highly capable hands, but it felt even better to have one of my good friends so involved in our special moments. Thank you! I love you ladies!” – Jessica and Zane – Bay Shore, NY“


Laura , Our pictures are AMAZING! We knew from the very beginning you were the right choice and you totally blew us away. We can’t stop looking at the them and showing them to everybody- who loves them as much as we do! We will always remember being on those rocks at the beach- So awesome!!You captured our day in such an amazing way, we are so thankful to have those memories preserved to share with our family. Besides being an amazing photographer you are great person as well and having you there throughout the whole day was such a huge comfort. Please extend our thanks to your second photographer and assistant as well ! A million thank you’s for everything” – Kelly and Greg –

Massapequa NY


“Laura!! Thank you so much for taking such beautiful pictures of our wedding. We love looking at them. Such great memories! Your the best. Thanks again!” – Matt and Tara


“Laura Ryan! Holy crap! We aren’t even all the way through them yet and I am stunned. You wield a mean camera my friend. Holy crap those are good shots. Cannot thank you enough. Worth every penny. -Carolyn


Stunning Laura. I absolutely adore your work. I wish I could get married again just to have you photograph us again! :)” -Tiffany


“Dear Laura: I just wanted to thank you so much for being so terrific at Em and John’s wedding…. You managed to be everywhere at every moment in a way that was unobtrusive and it felt like you were another friend taking pictures of the festivities. You certainly were one of the aspects of the day we were very grateful for. Best, Laurie – NYC


Dear Laura, We are so lucky to have had you photography our wedding. You are so great to work with and it was a pleasure to spend the day with you! The pictures came out so extremely amazing “Love, Rachel & Brian


“Hi Laura, I just wanted to tell you that one year later I still get so many compliments on your work. Thank you for taking such beautiful pictures on the most important day of our lives thus far. Warmly, Elizabeth – NYC


Dear Laura, You have no idea how happy you have made me. I just received our wedding album, and was paging through it elatedly. I knew it was going to be nice, but I didn’t fully appreciate just how amazing it would be. You are an exceptionally talented photographer, and your layout and editing made the pictures all the more phenomenal. Thank you so much for doing us the honor of being the photographer at our wedding. We knew you would do an awesome job, and you have exceeded our expectations in every way. Thank you so much and please know that we will always be happy to serve as a reference for you for many years to come. We truly appreciate you and your commitment to your work. Thank you. “Wishing you all the best, Stephanie


Dear Laura, Thank you so much for the beautiful photos from our wedding day. They really captured the essence of the day – it’s like reliving it when I see the pictures! Thanks also for your professionalism throughout the day. It was wonderful to have you as part of our special day. All the Best, Carolyn and Jason – NYC


“LAURA!! I can not say enough thanks for your professionalism, creativity and calmness on the day of our wedding. My parents, my bridal party and family all loved you and had nothing but nice things to say. You and your team were great and I am on pins and needles to see what you shot. Please extend my gratitude to your assistants for holding up my dress, holding my water and helping with the little things. You were so easy to work with through the whole process and my favorite vendor :)” -Elizabeth – NYC


Words cannot express our gratitude to you for your hard work and dedication in photographing our wedding. You are just fabulous and we are so impressed with your photos and personality. Your brought alot of happiness to our wedding day.” – Kind Regards, Tom and Annie – Rocky Point, NY


“Thank you so much for the beautiful photographs. Despite the cold day, there are so many gorgeous shots. We are so impressed with your work. We’ve showed them with our families and everyone wants prints! – Thank You! “- Katherine and Mitchell


“We can’t THANK you enough …Clearly you have a “creative eye” that is surely a gift and we were blessed to have you as part of our special day! If you think of it, send me a bunch of your business cards as I will be honored to share them with family, friends and business associates. Will keep in touch…” -Dawn-Louise


“Thank you for shooting such gorgeous pictures of our wedding. I can’t stop staring at them! You were wonderful!” Fondly, Jackie & Justin


“One of the many things that caught my attention was how similar some of your pictures were to the pictures that we were sent by our guests (of course yours being far superior). It amazed me that you were able to tap into what the day was about, what we’re about and it was so similar to how those who love us viewed that day as well. There were little touches with photos that I absolutely love: the address on the door to our home – old numbers, weathered brick and chipped paint, the kids peeking out through the storm door window, and of course, the picture taken from outside during the reception that must have been when you were leaving. It’s of the picture window and through it you can see the glowing light, people dancing and drops of rain streaking the glass, simple, yet so perfect and the perfect end to a perfect day. We are gushing and will recommend you to anyone and everyone we can for any important occasion that deserves to be remembered with absolute honesty, professionalism and some damn good pictures. ” Sincerely, Nancy - Long Island


“All the pictures are great although I have to say that my favorite one is still the black and white ‘blurred’ one of Sansai and I kissing on the staircase – the one you sent a few days after the wedding…I LOVE it. I check your blog every now and then and your pictures continue to be gorgeous and unique.” Take care. ” Corinne” The pictures turned out beautiful and everyone complimented on how you went out of your way to get “the shot”. We absolutely loved your work and cannot wait to use you again in the future. Thanks again and we’ll be in touch soon! ” – Sara and Sean.

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