Questions -Elopements in NYC

Elopements are a fun way to get married in private, or with  a party with  friends and family. We have expereicenced all types of international  and local clients who have Eloped in NYC.


Many of  my clients opt to get married at the City Clerk's office or Central Park.  However you can get married wherever you want in Manhattan with an officant. 


In order to get married at the City Clerk's office you must obtain your Marriage certifcate 24 hours before your marriage. Please view website for all required paperwork and times. 


The City Clerk's office is located at  141 Worth Street NYC 8:45- 3:45pm 


Q & A 

Can you be our witness at our elopement? 

Yes, most of the time we serve as witnesses to most of the Elopements that are  photographed. This is free of charge. 


When is the best time to go get married?  The earlier the better, Peak time is 12-2pm. I highly recommend morning as the best time to get married as we generally meet our clients between 9-9:30am start time.  


How long is the ceremony ? 

about 3 minutes 



Where do we go for our photos ? Generally with our basic pacakage  we have time for some of the federal buidlings ( which are quite lovely ) and the Brooklyn Bridge.  With an hour or more we can visit some of other favorite locations:

1. Central Park ( several different locations) - 2 Hour Package recommended for this shoot

2. Brooklyn Bridge

3. Subways, street views

4. Flat Iron building

5. China Town

6. Highline - Chelsea 


 I need help with my timeline, transportation, vendor suggestions, can you help me ? 

Of course, I would love to help you! Please also take in account transportation when figuring time to your location. Always leave enough time to get your ceremony.  Transportation time is not taken out of the hourly time for your photo session. 


What type of payment do you accept? All contracts are done online, payment and retainer can be made through paypal. 30 % to retain the date. 70% is due 30 days before the elopement. 


When do we receive our photos ? High Resoultion Photos are delivered within 30 business days of the wedding via downloadable link.  



Some tips for preparing for your elopement:


1. Always leave at least an hour before your elopement time to get to the city clerk's office. Traffic is unpredicatble in NYC and even if you are only 2 miles away, that mile in the the taxi can turn into 30 min depending on traffic. Lateness over 15 min will go into your session time. 


2. Please make sure you have your paperwork ready along with passports before you leave the hotel 


3. Always pack an umbrella and use a bag that is large enough to fit any valuables.